Thinking of Starting a School Garden?

School gardens provide opportunities to connect children to the real world through the common denominator of food. The process of planting seeds in soil, in a garden outdoors or on a window sill, instills a feeling of accomplishment. Gardening offers opportunities for students to take responsibility and to work with others as they build self esteem. Watching the garden grow is a visible sign of their success.


Outdoor Classroom

While gardens can be a cozy and beautiful place on school grounds, they also can be a vehicle to embed essential skills across the curriculum. Science, technology, engineering, arts, math, social studies, language arts, nutrition and environmental studies are easily integrated into gardening. The interdisciplinary approach to teaching in a garden levels the playing field as students acquire essential skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.

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Our Resources


School garden planning guide

Just getting started? This takes you through all the questions you need to ask your team and helps you make a plan.

Lessons and Worksheets

These lessons were developed and suggested by national award-winning Kentucky teacher Darlene Horton. You do not need a school garden to implement many of these activities.

How to gardening tips for kentucky

We’ve compiled several resources from various Cooperative Extension experts in the region.  

Additional Resources

Looking for more help? Here are a list of organizations and sites that may be able to make your school garden a reality.

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Success Stories

These are schools and educators who use gardening as a successful teaching tool.


curriculum books distributed

500 curriculum books were distributed at the 2019 Kentucky Farm Bureau Regional Teacher Workshops. If you would like to request a hard copy, sign up here. First come, first serve.



schools that utilize a school garden program

We have just launched this program to encourage more school garden success. If you have a story to share about your school garden or garden-based activities, please let us know!



Students who have learned through gardening

Our goal is to not only teaching core subjects but to encourage young students to appreciate how our fruits and vegetables are produced and to incorporate more produce into their diets.

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June 2019

We hear often that children are the future. Believe it. Learning about gardening and sustainability as a young person is tremendously empowering. Creating value in personal choice and seeing work rewarded with good and healthy food is a gift worth giving to all children, not just those whose families already get it. That’s why gardening at school is a lesson that may not be graded, but it is one that changes lives.

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